A note about this blog

I thought about expanded the sub-title of this blog to include serious stuff too, since I do occasionally write such things, but then I thought, "That's why I have other blogs." So I've decided on a general policy: this site will be for all the humorous and satiric stuff, serious church/religion related stuff will go on Practically Thinking, and any other creative writing will go on Different Fingers, which began as a poetry blog anyway. Links to those blogs are in the left column. Those blogs also have links to each other and back to here.

So check back occasionally and see what's new. I've decided that I need to do more writing. Usually I make that decision and then update my blogs once, but I'm really going to push to do more writing and to publish regularly. As Bonnie pointed out in one of her comments, this is my offering to the church for edification. Writing is what I do and I shouldn't be keeping it to myself. Thanks Bonnie.

I hope you all enjoy what you read. As always, feel free to post comments.

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